Gold Processing

We Leverage our Smarts in Plant with Software

We use our brilliant metallurgists to review our plant operations and trends to keep the metallurgical processes fine tuned with the variation of ore. Our software allows our experts to both track trends and to contact our operators to change procedures and processes as needed. Our goal is to always be able to remove well over 90% of our precious metals. This is not always possible, but we have been successful many times when others have not.

Logi Gold Processing

Logi Gold offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction services for the design and development of gold ore processing plants. We also operate those plants. We are currently supporting the development of gold ore processing plants in Colorado and Peru.


Careful, complete and synergistic engineering results in processing plants that are successful, low cost and easy to operate, with high availability rates. Our people and strategic partners provide us with the skill sets we need to deliver high quality engineering.


Superior smarts, conscientious safety attitudes, secure processes and attention to detail is what sets our operators apart.  We provide superior people, properly trained and always ready to identify and implement positive changes to improve operations and drop costs.