Ishiuinca - Peru

Logi Gold and Green Mountain

Logi Gold is partnering with Green Mountain to find and exploit low cost mining sites and processing plants, that when leveraged with world class metallurgy and web based mining management software, can be run to provide very high returns.

We have purchased the Ishiuinca gold processing plant in Caraveli, Peru. We have bought a gold ore processing plant and 1.25million tons of tailings with $133M of gold content laying next to the plant. The plant is world class and built by the large gold mining company Buenaventura SA. It has been operated for over 30 years. 

With our expertise, we expect that we should be able to develop this plant over the next 18 months to provide cash flows and project value that will provide our investors with 50+% annual returns on their investments.

Elsewhere in Peru

We are also planning the purchase of another plant and mine in Peru that has been operating for over 75 years. It also has several million tons of tailings, that due to historically poor processing and poor metallurgical expertise, has extensive gold, silver and base metals laying next to the plant. This plant is around 4x the size of Ishiuinca and would provide similar outsize returns.

World Class Sized Ore - Our Strength is Our People

In Peru, and globally, our strength is our people. With our expertise, we have entered into a joint venture with a partner that has rights to reprocess and clean up a world class mining site with 169 million tons of tailings that had only been poorly processed for the gold content. It is recognized as the world's largest above ground silver resource. By total value, the metals we'd remove would be silver, zinc, copper, lead and gold. We may also attempt removal and sale of the iron, arsenic and sulphur in various combinations that can be easily sold to other refiners. We are leveraging our people's expertise in managing Peruvian Community and Environmental advocates to open up this opportunity. Our next phase is completing permitting, detailed tailings analysis, metallurgical process design and plant engineering upgrade assessment. This will be a $10M and 18 month effort. To begin operations, we'd need to complete a $35M to $60M upgrade of the plant.  Currently, the adjacent plant can process 10,000+ tons/day and that is near where we'd start. We would, with cash flow and over time, upgrade it to over 30,000 tons/day to be able to process all of the tailings in the next 20 years removing all of the base metals as well as the precious metals.