We have a strong team with Financial, Management and Engineering expertise.

 Lorenzo Ortega III  CEO
 Mr. Ortega has been an engineer, program manager and hedge fund manager. Larry is also an experienced mechanical, electrical and fluid dynamics engineer with a strong background in software and project management. He has led several multi hundred million dollar engineering projects.  He has developed mining plans for open pit and alluvial mining in Arizona. This has included developing financials, negotiating with subcontractors on equipment for both mining and processing the gold ore. He has also designed a novel hydrometallurgical plant for processing gold concentrates. Recently, he helped in the project reorganization and redesign of a cyanide processing plant in Peru. This included detailed schedules, budgets and mathematical chemical models of the plant. He also lead an effort by Dr. Samuel Foucher to identify dry stream beds in western Arizona with high gold content. Utilizing a NASA Hyperspectral satellite and novel approaches to hyper spectral imagery analysis, they discovered an estimated resource of over $2.5 billion of alluvial gold. He has been a member or a leader in teams that have built industrial buildings and facilities, software for operations and highly sophisticated computer networks. He has been an integral part of developing complex human operations including training and leading operational teams.  The operability, reliability and maintainability of his systems have been world class. He has also been working in hedge funds globally since 2002. At one time in his career he has held FINRA series 3 and 62 licenses. He is an Air Force Academy Graduate where he was awarded his Bachelors in Engineering, and also holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from USC as well as an MBA from the University of Phoenix with an emphasis in the Finance and Management of Hedge Funds. Prior to his career in Finance, Larry was an Air Force Officer, flyer and Test Pilot School Graduate. He worked on the design, development and flight test of experimental and operational rockets, satellites and aircraft for the Air Force and NASA. He speaks Spanish as well as travel Russian, French, German and Italian.  

Carter Boggus
Mr. Boggus has spent 35 years as a chemist in the gold ore processing, gold mining and alternative fuel industry. He has recently redesigned a cyanide processing plant and associated assay lab in Peru. He is currently designing a new gold ore flotation mill and refinery in Colorado. He has also taught at the University level at Alabama A&M. His work has included developing a refinery for precious metals that could purify gold and silver to 99.99%. He has managed, operated, designed and developed assay labs in the US and Peru. These labs have been developed to support fire assay, hydrometallurgical processing, cyanide processing and flotation. He is an expert in gas chromatography and hyperspectral bandwidth camera systems developed to assay metals. He is an expert and can modify, repair and operate all of the leading ICP mass spectroscopy manufacturers equipment. He has worked in physical chemistry on Department of Energy research projects. For several years, he worked for Shell Oil in their research laboratories developing break through technology with their Kraton Block co-polymers. While at Shell he fractionated asphalt, ran IR analysis, hot stage photo-microscopy, liquid chromatography, partition paper chromatography, measuring viscosity, melting points, vapor pressures, and completing thermographic analyses. He also studied non-Newtonian behavior using the Flory-Huggins Model, solubility parameters, and solubility profiles of asphalts, polymer plasticization, and asphaltene chemistry. He also developed novel technologies for the blending of ethanol.

Lon Brinkhous
Mr. Brinkhous has been working in international logistics and material control for over 20 years.  He has managed global inventories that have exceeded $100 million in value.  He has led logistics teams supporting multi-billion dollar systems working with warehouse and contractor supplied parts and equipment. He has also trained, supervised and provided regulatory guidance to hundreds of logistics support personnel. He will be working with us to optimize our supply chain and to help us with hiring and human resources.  Mr. Brinkhous has worked in England, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Germany and the US. He has a Bachelors degree in Business with an emphasis in Human Resources as well as an MBA.

Gregory Donelson COO
Mr. Donelson has been working in mergers and acquisitions and investment banking for over 25 years completing a wide variety of middle market capital formation and advisory transactions in numerous industries involving both privately held and publicly traded companies. He has been focused on the energy industry for the last 7 years, working in the upstream, midstream and renewable energy project and technology development areas. He has been responsible for sourcing debt and equity transactions for investors on both the buy and sell side. He has purchased, arranged development and growth funding, operated, and sold oil and gas operating companies as well as related oil and gas, reserves, and producing and mineral assets. Greg will be sourcing investments, sourcing investors, arranging investment terms and closing investments for the fund. An innovator in financial structuring, Greg developed a proprietary and copyrighted funding mechanism applicable to a wide variety of transactions that is uncorrelated to markets or interest rates. His proprietary structure returns investment principal independent of the performance of the specific project financed. Mr. Donelson has been a member of International Mergers and Acquisitions for 17 years and has been both the Director of Energy and Renewables and Special Projects coordinator for the company. He is also Chairman of Red Rock Assets, LLC, an internet peer-to-peer member lending platform for the junior mining and resource industry.

Philippe Content CFO
Mr. Content is presently CFO with the viNGN, a middle mile optical service provider based in the Virgin Islands. Before joining viNGN in 2011, he was CFO with Skypoint Solar a thin-film CIGS solar manufacturing equipmentintegrator from 2007 to 2011. Before joining Skypoint Solar in 2007, Mr. Content was General Manager, Sweerts & Vaas, a boutique investment banking firm providing Strategic & Financial Advisory Services to emerging businesses. Philippe was a General Securities Principal and was series 24, 63 and 82 certified. From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Content was co-Head of Lucent’s Corporate Strategy and Development Group. In this position he completed most of Lucent’s divestitures. During that period, his total deal flow amounted to approximately $7 billion. From 2003 to 2005, Mr. Content was also a Founding Board Member of the New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium, a wholly owned subsidiary of Lucent, with over 30 employees, all technicians and Ph.D.’s. During that period, Philippe held the positions of CEO and VP Corporate Development and grew the business from no revenues to $36 million. While at Lucent, Philippe acquired the expertise to develop and execute on complex transactions in a short time frame. Before joining Lucent, Philippe held several positions with large international investment banks in New York City. Mr. Content served in the Belgian military in NATO Special Operations, Allied Command Europe Mobile Forces, with the rank of Captain. His last assignment was as an Auditor for the Ministry of Defense. Philippe received his M.E. (MEE and MME) from L’Ecole Royale Militaire (Belgium) and his MBA in Finance from Boston University.

Dr. Samuel Foucher
Dr. Foucher has a PhD in Remote Sensing and Signal Processing and has been a computer scientist for more than ten years studying space based earth image processing. He has been working for the country of Canada doing multi-variate, multi-spectral analysis of minerals, crops, fisheries, hydrology and forests. Most recently, Dr. Foucher helped select imagery and software tools and then completed a detailed analysis of dry stream beds in western Arizona, identifying those with high gold content. Utilizing a NASA Hyperspectral satellite and novel approaches to hyper spectral imagery analysis, he helped discover an estimated resource of over $2.5 billion of alluvial gold.  He will also be working with our subcontractors from DMT, oil and gas field analysts, to provide us with multivariate analysis of our development prospects. Since 2004, he has applied his considerable mathematical expertise to better understand the Peak Oil theory. He brought rigorous statistical analysis to, at that time, a little know blog “The Oil Drum”. His detailed analytics with rigorous sourcing brought validity to what was then considered, at best, a remotely possible occurrence. Along with co-author Jeff Brown, he has written dozens of papers for global scrutiny and has co-proposed the Export Land Model as a way to predict future export capacity from major oil exporters. Together they developed a loyal following of readers that have emulated his accuracy and added analytical depth to this, THE global problem of the millennia. This group has brought peak oil and it effects to the forefront of world economic thought. Samuel with his half decade of experience in this area of geophysical and macro economic modeling is most likely the global leader in understanding the analytical modeling of this phenomena. Samuel will be providing global oil production modeling for the fund in addition to his development analytics. Samuel has a BS in Physics from the University of Nantes in France and a PhD in RADAR Imaging from Sherbrooke University’s Center for Research on Applications of Remote Sensing in the province of Quebec. Samuel lives in Canada and speaks French fluently.

Lynn Trimpey
Mr. Trimpey is an information technology manager with over 30 years experience and has a strong background in information technology consulting in a wide array of industries. He began his career working for Con Agra and before leaving was the Senior Executive, effectively CTO, of all information technology. His efforts to lead the implementation of enterprise resource planning software helped grow the company explosively to $25 Billion. He has managed several other projects, in several other industries that have grown firms and provided them decisive advantages over their competition. One of the technology companies he worked for was an ISO 9001 Certified data management and marketing company. He will be leading the information technology specialist contractor teams working to support our exploration, development, operations, ore processing, hedging and back office needs.

Dennis Mangan
Mr. Mangan has been trading and hedging physicals in the futures markets for over 30 years. Dennis is the principal of Price Management Control Corporation. PMCC has supplied hedging and arbitrage consulting for a number of the largest trucking companies in the country in the area of fuel hedging. Mr. Mangan began his career as a broker at Lamson Brothers, a small Midwestern regional commodity-trading house. He then went on to trade at a number of other professional trading firms headquartered in Chicago and eventually became a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange trading in the pits. He handled large commercial trading accounts and represented both meat-packers and cattle feeders during his years at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In the early 1980's he entered the hedge consulting business and has been involved in consulting ever since. He has designed a number of commodity hedging programs for some of the largest commercial trading operations in the country. His proprietary methods have been used by both Commercial and Speculative traders. These programs have enacted savings for many commercial companies that have employed him in the area of hedging and risk arbitrage. Dennis will supply to the firm his expertise in the area of hedging of both stock positions owned by the company, and future oil production owned by the company. His services will be in the area of controlling downside risks while at the same time allowing for appreciation in rising markets. He will further assist the company in investments with controlled risk defined parameters so as to take advantage of price movements both up and down. He will also provide the company with short to intermediate term analysis of the Crude Oil, Heating Oil and Gasoline markets and the appropriate arbitrage possibilities that are often present in those markets.

Fenner Weller  - Advisor
Fenner R. Weller, Jr. is a graduate of the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance. He has over 30 years of fixed income security trading experience at Wall Street firms such as Prudential Securities, A.G. Becker Paribas, and Salomon Bros. for institutional clients. The majority of his experience was at Prudential Securities, Inc. in a dual role of Branch Manager and Senior Vice President, Fixed Income Sales, covering a five-state Southwest Regional area. Prior to Weller, Anderson & Co., Ltd., he was a Director at First Southwest Company in charge of Fixed Income Sales in the Houston branch where he employed his financial experience in the capital markets and investment banking services assisting municipal issuers. He holds Series 4, 7, 24, 55, and 63 FINRA registrations. Mr. Weller was elected to serve on The Financial Industry National Regulatory Authority (FINRA) District 6 Committee. In 2009 Mr. Weller was asked to chair FINRA’s District 6 Committee. He will serve on the District 6 Committee until January 2010. Recently, Mr. Weller was asked to serve on FINRA’s National Fixed Income Committee. Fenner is a member of The Greater Houston Partnership, an active community businessman, and has served on various corporate and philanthropic boards. As a member of The Houston Club since 1982, Mr. Weller has also served as a Board member and President. Currently, Mr. Weller serves on the Board of Directors of a NYSE listed company.

Albert Randolph - Advisor
Mr. Randolph is an experienced oil and gas exploration investor and expert in alternative geophysical measurement techniques. In his last large project he assembled over 185,000 acres of a natural gas play in southwestern New Mexico and sold a portion to an operator to begin the exploration process. Other exploration experience includes heavy oil recovery in Kern County, California, deep gas wells in South Louisiana and oil and gas drilling in a number of other basins. He is also quite knowledgeable in the application of innovative, low cost, high technology oil and gas exploration tools using unconventional survey techniques. These techniques have consisted of magnetotellurics, micro-magnetics, and radiometrics. Combined with geology and more conventional techniques like down hole well logs and seismic data, these techniques have been found to be extremely useful within a geological trend to identify the quality of prospects. Using these and other techniques, he has most recently developed a series of plays in Utah, South Texas, North Eastern Texas and Louisiana. Over the last twelve years, Albert has founded three successful firms: Petroleum Investors, LLC, Petroleum Development Technologies, LLC and Fort Worth Operating Company, LLC. He has become renown for his ability to recognize and assemble valuable oil and gas opportunities and will be working in that capacity for the fund. He will, at times, be using his innovative technologies to provide additional and independent verification of oil and gas reserves. Albert served as a “Green Beret” in Special Forces, who fought in all four Corps of Vietnam with the 5th Special Forces Group. He was awarded his bachelors in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. Albert also speaks travel Spanish.